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For most of us, this quarantine situation is a completely new experience. Our world has suddenly turned upside down. And this is having a definite impact on our mental health. Due to the outbreak of this novel coronavirus, a lot of people are now stuck inside their homes with nothing much to do. Many have even lost their jobs. And we still don’t know for how long this situation may last.

At times like these, being productive is very difficult. But at the same time, it’s very important too. Stuck indoors all the time, having nothing to do can have a serious impact on your mental as well as physical well-being. And so, you must find a way to tackle this.

Luckily, there are a few things you do to keep yourself busy and productive, even in these times of social distancing. And here is a list of five such tasks.

Complete Your Reading Goals

This is for all the readers out there!

No matter how hard we try, during our regular schedule, we can never find enough time to read. The work, the deadlines, and so many other responsibilities take up so much of our time that we barely have any left to give to some other activity. And if you are like me, who has to travel a long way to get to work, you don’t have a chance to even pick up a book, let alone reach your goals.

But now, as you are at home all the time due to this quarantine, finally you have all the time that you need. So, rather than binge-watching some random shows on Netflix, I think, you should catch up on your read list. Who knows, you might end up reading a lot more than you expected.

Work On Your Budget

The COVID-19 pandemic has, obviously, tanked the markets, worldwide. And this has made us all concerned about our finances. Though I’m no financial advisor, if the volatile condition of the market has got you stressed, too, laying out a budget might help you.

When you have a clear idea of where exactly your money is going, you can be much better prepared for uncertain times. List out all your expenses and compare them with your savings. See if you are spending on something unnecessary. And if yes, cut it out. Now is not the time to enjoy any unnecessary luxuries. Take some time to think of what essential things you need right now. And spend only on those things. 

Some of you might have your budget already planned, which is great. But you should still consider reviewing it from time to time. See if there is any chance of saving some more. Making a budget needs time, which you don’t have in a regular schedule. But now, that you have it, you must use it efficiently.

Work on Your Long-Term Project

Do you have a thing that you’ve been trying to do for a very long time, but your regular schedule just doesn’t allow it? You probably have one. 

Maybe you are trying to build a website. Maybe you’re working on a book. Or maybe trying to learn how to code. But when you’re running the race of life, all these activities just take a backseat. It’s very easy to find an excuse when you have so much else on your plate. You need to complete an assignment, you have some friends to meet, you need to do the laundry, there are so many other distractions. 

But now, this self-isolation has given you the opportunity to finally work on those tasks. All you need to do now is get up and get going.

Update Your Resume

Updating your resume is hard. And it takes a very long time. Plus, you need people to check it so that it doesn’t have any mistakes. You obviously want it to be perfect. After all, it’s going to represent you to a potential employer. 

But when we’re stuck in our ever-busy life, working day and night, completing assignments and meeting deadlines, we seldom get any time to update our resume. But now, thanks to this quarantine situation, you have plenty of time to make your resume all nice and shiny for your next job hunt. 

Play Video Games

Adding video games to a list of productive tasks might sound odd. But trust me, it has some very amazing benefits. 

You’ll probably agree with me that this quarantine routine is making us very dull. Plus, it’s taking a toll on our mental health too. And we surely don’t want to resume our regular routine with a not-so-active mind. At Least I don’t. And so, I have turned to online gaming.

Many experts believe that playing video games can significantly enhance our cognitive skills and keep our mind in a very healthy condition. Plus, it also improves our memory and information processing capabilities. Experts say that this effect is much more evident when playing action games, like Fortnite, Call of Duty or Valorant.

If you want my suggestion, I’d recommend you play Valorant. It’s an amazing online multiplayer game that tests your creativity as well as your memory. Plus, if you find it much difficult, you can always go for valorant boosting.

Trust me, playing some video games in your free time can prove to be a very efficient use of your quarantine time.