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Healthy, balanced diet is extremely important for a healthy mind and body. 

A certain amount of macro and micronutrients are mandatory to maintain everyday and it can be extremely hard to measure and calculate the nutrients and calories to find the most appropriate match and mix of foods and meals without getting bored by the food. However, there are certain food items that are super healthy and are advised to be eaten everyday or at least frequently if not every day.

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There is nothing as basic and healthy as eggs. We all are already aware of the versatile nature and nutritious value of eggs. A high source of quality protein, eggs are scientifically proven to be great for eyes. And well, protein is great for muscles, bones, and hair too. Eggs can be used and consumed in infinite ways from as simple as a boiled egg to a little complicated yet delicious poached eggs, there is a wide variety of recipes available within this range.


Popular breakfast staple food, just like eggs, oats can be made in a number of ways. From savory to sweet, slow cooked to overnight oats, they are easy to make comfort food. High in fibre, oats are extremely beneficial for gut health. The variety would never make it difficult for anyone to consume oats everyday. Make it as simple and fancy as you like, oats can be served or cooked as the base ingredient of the dish.


Nuts like almonds, walnuts, cashews, and even peanuts are not only filling, crunchy snacks but a great source of healthy oils, proteins, magnesium, and vitamin E. considered healthy, nutritious food with antioxidants, nuts are said to be really good for heart health. You can eat nuts as it is or you can choose to spread the nut butter of choice on toasted bread or substitute dairy milk with nut milk of choice.


Leafy greens are said to be essential for human health and body. A healthy source of multinutrients from calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, fibre, and vitamins A, C, K, and E, spinach is certainly an extremely healthy and beneficial food. The leafy food can be cooked completely or just sauteed and served in salads. They add a very unique, sweet crunch to the salad and have a very earthy flavor. To enhance the taste of the spinach salad, we highly recommend adding a few drops of observer tinctures as they are good for health as well.


Fruits of any and every kind are extremely healthy but specifically apples, oranges, and bananas should be a part of everyday diet without fail. Great source of carbs, fibres, and a myriad of micronutrients, fruits are delicious and very healthy.


These extremely delicious, sweet little fruits are packed with health. A good source of antioxidants, vitamin A, C, and Fibres, berries of all kinds are the second healthiest food group, after leafy greens. Berries, just like nuts or any other fruit, can be consumed as it is. However, they would complement desserts and sweet, milk based oats as well.