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Corporate culture has completely taken over personal life. Time that is supposed to be saved for oneself gets consumed by the work, even after having dedicated working hours. When they tell you they are corporate slaves, they certainly mean it. Not only is it hard to have a balanced life and work routine, it has become less of a priority for many. They believe working even when they are off work means they are being productive, which may not be wrong, but is definitely bad for them. While it is important and good to work and love what you do, having some time out of the work routine is necessary too.

The common misconception that working from home is a privilege as it allows you to work from anywhere and focus on both house and work at the same time is adding to the misery. Not only does it affect your family relations and personal life, it even gradually eradicates your abilities and potential of working.

By working all the time you are not actually doing anyone a favor but rather contributing to your own loss, and time isn’t the only resource that you are losing here. It’s high time, we all acknowledge the importance of the balance between work routine and personal life and to help you out with the same, I have decided to write a few tips that will help you maintain this balance.

Perfection Is a Myth

The sooner you accept it, the more stress free life you will lead. There is nothing perfect in anything, so there is no point trying to achieve something that is just an illusion and still so overrated. Instead of trying to make things perfect, try to complete tasks and be successful at everything with decent quality. Once you stop seeking perfection in everything, things will become easier for you to manage and it will eventually bring the balance that is needed.

Invest in Quality Sleep

When you are working, stressing, struggling with your life and work the whole day, getting a quality sleep becomes extremely important. There is no way you are working, and then again working to work the whole night and have minimal rest. This has unfortunately become very common, in the time where people are trying to achieve everything they desire to have in very restricted time but is beyond problematic. Sure, having a stable income and simultaneously working on your passion is a great idea, but sacrificing your health and body is not. If you, for some reason, are not able to sleep, you can always try natural supplements, such as delta 8 THC is popular as a natural sleeping aid. You can try vaping with the best delta 8 cartridges and relax. This will not only help you sleep but shall even reduce pain in your muscles. 

Follow a Morning Routine

As important is sleeping at night, having a productive, mindful morning routine is equally as important. Quality sleep is for the night, you are not supposed to sleep in the morning and then rush to work without breakfast. Develop a healthy morning routine and use this time to meditate, relax, sit and read, introspect, and pay gratitude for everything that you are thankful for.

Digital Detox

Social media is very entertaining but it can consume most of your time and take a lot from you. As a healthy practice, you should try deleting all social media platforms from your phone and avoid using them for a certain period of time. It can be 10 days or a month. It may be a little difficult initially, but once you get used to it, you will actually love this time off social media. This will help you keep a track of your own life, have a personal life that won’t revolve around work or outer world, and focus on yourself, your health and leisure.

Starting off with these few things will help you at least get into a balanced routine, once you expertise at this, you can change your lifestyle even further and adopt more healthy habits and changes.