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Becoming an entrepreneur is like being lost at sea; you have your support system that provides encouragement, but at the end of the day, it is only you who can row yourself out of there.As a business owner, you are in a constant state of being “on.” No downtime is allotted to you for creating a coping mechanism, sorry for a healthy coping mechanism. This makes stress a mainstay in an entrepreneur’s life.

As a business owner, every single task becomes your headache, there is a lot that occupies your plate. You have the nagging questions of whether or not you will make it, then there are the personal life commitments, managing self-care, and health. All of this can cause a severe toll on your health.

Stress in short bursts has actually been found to be beneficial for both you and your business.  But if sustained over a long period of time, stress has the potential to turn into anxiety, which then turns into a detriment to your health.

The critical factor in understanding stress is to first identify your stressors and then finding a way to channel that anxiety in the pit of your stomach into a positive driving force. Challenges that have the highest potential to trigger stress include but are not limited to workload balance, customer accusation, staff management, striking a balance between work and personal life, and the biggest one of them all finance.  

In situations where your external and internal environment are both in a constant battle with one another, how do you remain calm? How do you create a positive spin on situations that seem to blind you with worry?

Let’s have a look into what you can do to make stress and anxiety easier for you.

Keep Your Expectations Realistic

You are too hard on yourself ! How many times have you heard this? Infinite, I’m assuming. Our culture has morphed into this ugly beast that only believes you are succeeding only if you’re always busy. This plays a significant factor in why people are burning out faster than ever before.

Set realistic expectations for your business, you cannot expect to have a turnover 5 times your investment the first year. Even the most successful lot has trouble with those odds. The SMART approach might seem like textbook bait, but it really works if you manage to implement it correctly.

Revel In Your Wins 

As a norm, most people, after they suffer a setback, tend to mourn their entire existence and forget about everything else that we have done right. It is essential that you learn from your mistakes, but it is also equally important to celebrate our wins. Doing this not only motivates you to work better, but it also makes the people around you better at their work. Including positive elements in your life can act as a simple reminder to continue working.

Follow a Routine 

It is often underestimated the power of sound sleep or the fulfillment of a great meal. Both these things have been diluted in our always struggling society. If you are up till 3 in the morning, it won’t make you a better worker, just a sleepy one the next morning. Get your priorities sorted.  

A night of inadequate sleep can not only lead to a spike in your anxiety but also hinder your judgment and create memory lapses. A lousy diet similarly works in tandem with bad sleep to ruin your immune system. Often times than not, it is just easier to choose a more comfortable option and pick some junk food for eating or on particular occasions, not eat anything at all. But to work the best you can, you should ensure you are sleeping 7-8 hours a night as well as have a balanced diet to nourish your body.

Communication is Essential 

If you work in a team, you must cultivate an open communication channel that allows everyone to contribute and discuss their fears and worries regarding work. An open dialogue can often help reduce many issues that arise within disagreements. Having a close friend, relative, or even a coach can go a long way in helping minimize the feelings of anxiety and apprehension.

Strike A Balance 

It is easy to make work your whole life, but it is also essential to give some of your time to your family and health. Setting healthy boundaries is the only way that one can maintain the right work-life balance. Your time is the most precious resource that you have, and in this limited resource, you need to take care of your health, your family, and your work.

A healthy way of doing this is by setting specific work timing and taking some time to exercise or meditate in a day. Take some weekends off and connect with the most important people in your life.

This all is not asking you to relegate your business to a lower position. All this is just to drive home the point that you need to be your biggest priority rest everything will follow.